The safety of our students at Williamsburg Middle/High School is our top priority. Our school and district has a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan in place for all types of emergencies. We take many steps to promote student and staff safety at our school. As part of our plan, different types of safety drills are conducted regularly. Our teachers do an exceptional job teaching and discussing safety with our students while always considering their age and developmental needs.
Today, in conjunction with the Williamsburg Police and Fire Departments, we conducted a safety drill: a rapid evacuation to a safe reunification area. We will continue to practice such drills along with fire, lockdown, and shelter-in-place drills throughout the school year. Again, our most important job is to keep our students safe. In order to maintain a safe environment for our children, it is necessary that we practice our emergency response plans by having drills. I have included below a brief description of the types of drills we conduct so that you have a better understanding of the types of drills.
Fire Drill:
We will conduct a Fire Drill each month school is in session.  This is a Fire Code requirement. We want each student to understand and be aware of the importance of this drill and not be afraid when the fire alarm is sounded.  By practicing they will know what to do and how to do it.
We will conduct a Shelter-in-Place drill at least one time each semester.  The purpose of this drill is to be prepared to move to a safe location within the building in case of severe weather or tornados.
Lockdown Drill:
We will conduct a Lockdown Drill at least one time each semester. During a lockdown, we secure the school building and safely shelter all students, staff and visitors inside the building.  The purpose of this drill is to keep students safe from any danger outside or inside the building.  During a lockdown drill all of the perimeter doors to the school building will be locked and will remain locked until the danger or issue outside or inside the building is removed.  To enable everyone to remain safe, no one will be allowed to enter the building or leave the building until the authorities authorize such a release.
Rapid Evacuation:
We will conduct a Rapid Evacuation Drill at least once during the school year. The purpose of this drill is to be prepared to move to a safe location outside of the building in the event of danger inside the school.  We want each student to understand and be aware of the importance of this drill and know what to do during an evacuation.
As you know, our school has safety procedures for visitors. Beyond this, we have taken additional steps to help create an even safer environment for our students. The Williamsburg Police Department as well as the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office visits our school every week with officers walking through our school and conducting patrols.  Furthermore, we have made security upgrades to further safeguard our students and campus.
Our school and district will continue to promote a culture of safety and trust. We ask that you talk with
your children about the importance of sharing information that could be considered threatening to our
school and community with a responsible adult. Our entire team will remain proactive and vigilant when it comes to the safety of our students and staff.
A safety resource is available to the Williamsburg Schools community to help prevent and alert school officials to possible safety concerns.  The email address and helpline below are for members of our school community to use to report any information that could have a negative impact on students, staff, or school property. Examples include, but are not limited to, violence, sexual harassment, weapons, threats, thefts, property damage, and drug/alcohol abuse. Information can be shared directly to a school administrator, teacher, or by utilizing the tip lines below.
Telephone Tip Line: 513-818-BURG (2847)
Please contact me using the information included below if you have any questions or concerns.
Best Wishes,
Heather Powell and Jason Tackett